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Red Cross Valentine Campaign


A new campaign by the British Red Cross could offer a solution for those struggling to find a really meaningful gift for their sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

A donation of just £1, the price of a single red rose, will help the Red Cross carry out its vital work with people in crisis in the UK and abroad. Meanwhile, the donor’s loved one will receive a limited edition Valentine’s card, along with details of how the donation is bringing hope to vulnerable people, such at treating one victim of cholera in a country like Nigeria or supplying ten sterile dressings for use by Red Cross First Aid volunteers. What’s more, the Valentine’s cards are environmentally friendly, having been printed on recycled paper.

Red Cross Valentine’s Day cards will be on sale in Red Cross shops throughout Scotland from the start of February 2005 and available for mail order via telephone number 01324 679068.

Elizabeth Gunn, Senior Fundraiser with the British Red Cross, said, “Our new Valentine’s campaign offers the perfect gift for people looking for that special something to show just how much they care. A gift that really will make a difference. Making a donation to the Red Cross also helps to Reduce waste from traditional Valentine's gifts.”

You can use the links below to view examples of the Red Cross Valentine’s Day cards that will be on sale in their shops from early February.



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