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Waste Aware Scotland is a national campaigning programme. Through Waste Aware Scotland we hope to change public attitudes and behaviour towards waste.

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Latest News...

Funding for National Waste Plan. SWAG has received a £900,000 funding boost to help promote public awareness of waste issues. Full story.

New Campaigns

South Ayrshire Kerbside Recycling
South Lanarkshire kerbside recycling scheme
Clackmannanshire kerbside recycling

Top Stories

New Recycling Focus on Annual Lowland Canals Litter Challenge
West Lothian Council - News Release

Finnie announces major funding boost for community waste initiatives

How to use this site

The following is a brief explanation of the main categories located in the top main menu

WHO SWAG is and all about the Waste Aware Scotland programme and our partners;
WHAT waste means and what's happening in the world of waste;
WHY we need to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle our waste;
HOW we can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (also, check out our Product Finder and Disposal Guide);
WHERE your local waste minimisation facilities are, where your local Waste Aware campaigns are running and what's happening in other countries;
WHEN waste events are.

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