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Kerbside Paper Recycling to Stay After 200% Increase

September 2003

The trial kerbside paper recycling scheme introduced to six Aberdeenshire towns in April and May of this year is to be continued due to its success.

The latest kerbside collection figures for the scheme show an increase of nearly 29% over the previous month's tonnages, rising from 78.53 tonnes to 101.18 tonnes.

The August/September tonnages represent an increase of 207.82% over the first collections in April and May.

Measured by tonnes per town or weight per household, the latest collection figures produce two different league tables in the recycling race. However, there is little change in each town's position in both tables since last month.

In terms of total tonnages collected, all towns achieved a significant increase on last month's figures.
Peterhead remains first with 21.84 tonnes (up more than 42%)
Fraserburgh is second with 18.2 tonnes (up nearly 32%)
Stonehaven achieved 17.2 tonnes (up 28%)
Inverurie's total was 15.28 tonnes (up by more than 24%)
Banchory put out 14.46 tonnes (up nearly 16%)
Ellon provided 14.2 tonnes (up by more than 27%)

By weight per household:
Banchory retains first place with 4.96 kilograms (10.94 lbs)
Ellon stays at second place with 3.66 kilograms (8.07 lbs)
Stonehaven holds onto third place with 3.57 kilograms (7.87 lbs)
Fraserburgh moves up from fifth to fourth place at 2.97 kilograms
(6.55 lbs)
Inverurie is knocked down from fourth to fifth by Fraserburgh's narrow
lead, producing 2.9 kilograms (6.4 lbs) per household
Peterhead is sixth with 2.53 kilograms (5.58 lbs) per household

Councilor Alison McInnes, Chair of Aberdeenshire Council's Infrastructure Services Committee, praised residents' efforts and welcomed the continuation of the kerbside collection. She said: "The response to this trial scheme really has been magnificent and very encouraging. The first collections in April and May were good, but they have continued to grow since then. With a
growth of virtually 208 per cent in collections since then, we are now definitely in a position to continue the scheme.

"Collections will continue as normal on either the first or last Saturday of each month. We will be advertising the continuation of the scheme in all local papers covering the towns in the scheme and will post details on the council's website.

"The only month there will not be a collection is during the Christmas/New Year break on 27 December and 3 January. We would encourage residents to take their paper, and other recyclables, to the growing number of recycling points and recycling centres that month."

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