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Waste Aware Stirling Campaign launched
Recycling made easy for local residents

Stirling Council’s kerbside recycling scheme receives a boost on Thursday with the launch of the Waste Aware Stirling campaign. The campaign, lasting two years, will help to build on the success of the new Kerbside Recycling service and follows a survey carried out on behalf of the council by Waste Aware Scotland. The survey showed that 83% of Stirling’s residents want to recycle at the kerbside.

Many local residents are already benefiting from the new kerbside recycling service and the Waste Aware Stirling Campaign. An excellent 1000 tonnes of household waste has been collected and recycled into new products over the last six months.

Councillor Gillie Thomson, convenor of the Environment Committee said:
“The new kerbside recycling service, supported by the Waste Aware Stirling campaign, is a big step towards sustainability and modern waste management. I’m delighted that people are now able to recycle at home and am confident that with the continued expansion of the scheme, we can ensure that ever increasing amounts of household waste are sent to be recycled rather than landfilled.

Anna Beswick, Waste Aware Scotland Campaign assistant for the Forth Valley comments:
“It’s great to hear that the kerbside recycling service has been so successful to date, clearly the service is making it easier for people to recycle and we aim, through the Waste Aware Stirling campaign to help as many people as possible make full use of their kerbside recycling service”.

The Waste Aware Stirling Campaign focuses on household waste that can be recycled at the kerbside in recycling boxes and brown bins. The recycling box accepts cans, glass, paper, plastic milk bottles and textiles. Cardboard and garden waste can be placed in the brown bin.

Stirling Council’s Waste Services Manager David Hopper said:
“Keeping the public informed about what the council is doing is vital to the success of the kerbside recycling scheme, I’m confident that the Waste Aware Stirling campaign will enable people to make full use of the excellent new kerbside recycling service.”


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