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Environment-aware Spaniards boost glass recycling

SPAIN: May 29, 2003.

MADRID - Spaniards are recycling 50 percent more glass containers than four years ago, or almost 400,000 tonnes a year, industry organisation Ecovidrio said yesterday.

"Increasing awareness and growth in the infrastructure necessary for recycling are the main motors," said Ecovidrio, a non-profit body which is made up of glass manufacturers, recyclers and bottlers.

In 2002 Spaniards recycled 9.5 kg (21 lb) of glass per person a year, up from 6.6 kg in 1998. Including industrial recycling, 36 percent of the total amount of glass used was recycled. Recycling is funded by a charge included in the price of bottles and jars sold by manufacturers who are part of the system. Ecovidrio administers this system and also runs campaigns in favour of lighter bottles to reduce the amount of glass involved.

Environmental awareness is increasing slowly in Spain. The countryside is still widely used as a dumping ground and streets liberally littered, but recycling containers are everywhere and appear to be increasingly used.


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