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Germany agrees on drinks recycling system

BERLIN: January 27, 2003

Germany's drinks industry agreed last week on a technology for a national recycling system for non-refillable cans and bottles, but it did not correspond to offers by Norway's Tomra Systems nor Germany's Prokent.

Wolfgang Schutt, head of the AGVU packing and environmental services association, made the announcement after a meeting of the group's executive in Cologne. The system should be introduced by October 1.

He said the association had decided to introduce a system that several suppliers including the government's own printing service could offer rather than the recycling machines offered by Tomra and Prokent, saying it wanted an efficient and compact system that even small shops could use.

Germany introduced deposit charges on bottles of beer, mineral water and soft drinks on January 1 and the drinks trade has promised to come up with a unified recycling system by October. Some 60,000 machines could be needed nationwide in a trade valued by experts at an annual 500 million euros.

This article was kindly provided by ScoWaste, a mailing list run by SRMS for RAGS and FoE Scotland. It was originally written by REUTERS NEWS SERVICE


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