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October 8, 2003

Community initiatives to reduce, reuse and recycle waste will benefit from £5 million in funding over two years, Environment Minister Ross Finnie announced today.

Speaking to the Environment and Rural Development committee, Mr Finnie said:

"The community and voluntary sector were aware of reduce, reuse and recycle long before the rest of us. I believe the community sector, working in partnership with local authorities, has a strong role to play in sustainable waste management.

"This role is varied and covers work in rural areas, in specialised markets, spreading the key messages about the need to reduce, reuse and recycle and ensuring that social inclusion remains to the fore.

"Many community sector bodies involved in sustainable waste management have been concerned about funding after the UK Government announced changes to the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme. The funding I am announcing today, to be made available over the next two years, will help reassure them of their continued role.

"This funding builds on the interim funding scheme announced for this financial year, after the changes to the Landfill Tax Credit Scheme. It also builds on the work that the community sector have been doing for a number of years in relation to sustainable waste management".

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