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Western Isles: Facilities

Drinks cans (aluminium & steel), mixed glass and plastic bottles are collected via 12 bring sites in Lewis/Harris. The Majority are in the Stornoway area. Metals and plastics are exported for recycling. Glass is crushed and used locally as an aggregate replacement material (CNES is a registered packaging reprocessor with SEPA.

Paper newsprint is collected at Bennadrove landfill site, then shredded and baled for local use as animal bedding. A pilot project collecting paper and cans also operates from one of Lewis' community schools. The local market for animal bedding is limited, and some material has already been exported to Skye

Scrap cars are collected under contract, baled by CNES, and exported to the mainland.

Oil is collected via bring sites located throughout the islands, then transported, then transported to Bennadrove landfill for de-watering, bulking and exported to the mainland.

There are currently 9 landfill sites in the Western Isles. Bennadrove in Lewis and Rueval in Benbecula are the main landfill sites.

If you have any queries, please email us, or call 01786 471 333

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