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Tayside: Facilities

Recycling in the Tayside area is mainly done via Recycling Centres and Points.


In Angus, all 7 main towns have manned recycling centres. They are:

Cairnie Loan, Arbroath DD11 4DS
Commerce Street, Brechin DD9 7BD
Balmachie Road, Carnoustie DD7 7ST
Queenswell Road, Forfar DD8 3JA
Bellies Brae, Kirriemuir DD8 4EB
Riverview Drive, Monifieth DD5 4NH
Broomfield Street, Montrose DD10 8SY

At these recycling centres the following can be recycled:

  • cardboard
  • clothing, including shoes and handbags
  • engine oil
  • food and drinks cans
  • glass bottles
  • green garden waste
  • newspapers and magazines
  • plastic drinks bottles
  • scrap metals
  • cooking oil (household only)

A Glass Collection Service is available for commercial premises. Clear and green glass is collected fortnightly and brown glass is collected monthly. Seperate bins are used for each colour of glass.

A Kerbside Paper Collection, operated by Angus Council, collects waste paper on a fortnightly basis. Unfortunately this scheme is not available in rural areas.

Paper items that are accepted are:

  • newspapers
  • magazines
  • brochures and junk mail
  • white paged phone books

Paper items that are not accepted are:

  • yellow pages
  • cardboard or cardboard food packaging
  • brown envelopes
  • plastic, including bags, sacks and bottles
  • general rubbish
  • waxed cartons such as milk or juice cartons

Dundee City

In Dundee City there are 20 Mini Recycling Centres available for recycling. For more specific information on what can be recycled and where go to:


Civic Amenity Facilities are available for the disposal of domestic waste This includes: Paper, Glass, White goods, general household refuse and green waste and kitchen waste. No meats, fish, or poultry are allowed to be disposed of at these sites. The Civic Amenity Sites are located at:

Baldovie, Forties road
Riverside, Wright Avenue

Perth & Kinross

In Perth and Kinross 2 Kerbside Paper Recycling Schemes are operated by Perth and Kinross Council.

The first scheme collects newspapers, magazines, junk mail and white and coloured paper, but no cardboard or envelopes. Simply bag up your paper waste and place it on the kerbside by 7.30 am on the day of your collection. This scheme covers the areas of:

  • Crieff
  • Letham and Hillyland
  • Blairgowrie and Rattray
  • North Muirton and Tulloch

The second Kerbside Paper Recycling Scheme provides residents with a blue-lidded wheelie bin for the collection of paper. Newspapers, magazines, office paper and junk mail (please remove plastic envolope) can be placed in this bin. The sticker on the lid of your bin will provide you with the details of your collection day. Please ensure that your bin is on the kerbside by 7.30am on the morning of your collection.

For further information on Perth & Kinross Kerbside Paper Recycling please visit:

Perth and Kinross also operate a Green Waste Wheeled Bin Collection. Participants in this scheme are provided with a brown-lidded bin for the collection of grass cuttings, small twigs, hedge trimmings and weeds. Plastic liners, soil and stones are not to be placed in this bin.

For further information on this scheme please visit:

For a full list of recycling centres and points in Perth & Kinross, please click here.

There are various charity shops around the Tayside area. They accept old clothes, furniture and household items.

Tayside Recyclers take furniture and old computers for recycling / repair.

Tayside has an Energy from Waste plant at Baldovie. It has the capacity to process 120,000 tonnes of waste a year. The electricity produced at Baldovie goes into the national grid.

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