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Tayside: Area Waste Plan

As part of the National Waste Strategy: Scotland, each Waste Strategy Area has gone through a process which has resulted in the formulation of an Area Waste Plan.

This Area Waste Plan is the way in which the Waste Strategy Area plan to deal with its waste in order to meet the targets set out in the EC Landfill Directive and to develop more sustainable methods of waste management.

Following is a short summary of the process that was undergone in Tayside.

What are the options for Tayside?

Tayside has produced an options and issues paper, which is available at www.sepa.org.uk/nws/areas

The Tayside Waste Strategy Area group has come up with 3 options for long-term waste management.

  1. The first option is based on emphasising recycling, with kerbside collection schemes being put in place.
  2. The second option places the emphasis on Energy from Waste, with new technologies being implemented, such as pyrolysis and gasification. These new technologies are more efficient and cleaner than incineration, and are already being used in other countries.
  3. Emphasises anaerobic digestion, which produces soil conditioner and methane gas for electricity from biodegradable waste.

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2002: The Draft Plan

According to the Draft Plan, waste management in Tayside will follow Option A outlined above. Emphasis will be placed on waste minimisation, reuse and refurbishment and recycling and composting.
Landfill sites will also be used to a certain extent.

The plan deals primarily with Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) which is basically the waste that is collected from our houses, places of work or public places. The Draft Plan sets out the way in which Tayside will try to meet the targets set out in the EC Landfill Directive. If we don't change the way we think about waste now, by 2020, Tayside may be producing as much as 340,000 tonnes of waste per year!

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March 2003: The Area Waste Plan

The Tayside Area Waste Plan has now been published and will soon be set in motion.

Here are a few of the targets that the plan aims to achieve:

  • there will be 280 recycling centres and points by 2020;
  • a netweork of composting planst will be set up, to compost the green waste collected from households;
  • there will be at least one Materials Reclamation Facility, where recyclates that have been collected from households and recycling points will be sorted and baled.
  • there will be a new landfill site built in 2013.

If you would like to read the plan, please click here to download it from the SEPA website.

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