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Reduce / Reuse / Recycle


The second level of the waste hierarchy is Reuse. If you can't prevent waste, then try and get your money's worth out of it by reusing it.

Reusing items means that you don't have to buy new ones. This saves resources. Here are some ideas:

  • Glass: - old wine and beer bottles make great candle-stands, especially if you alternate the colour of the candles so that you get multi-coloured drips down the side.

    - use old jars for new jam or even to freeze handy meal-sized portions of leftover soup etc.

    -get creative and paint old jam jars to turn them into funky toothbrush holders or pencil-pots, or even vases (glass paint is available from any art materials shop).

  • Plastic: - use sealable containers to store food/drinks. You can use pots for gardening - growing seedlings in small tubs (yogurt pots etc).

  • Buy Recycled: - buying recycled goods means that you are using something that was made from something else. Encourage your local shops/supermarket to stock recycled products if they do not already. Recycled goods are also just as high quality as other non-recycled products. Recycled loo paper is NOT made from used toilet paper! Lots of people complain that it is difficult to find recycled products, so just to make life easier for you, we have included a Recycled Product Finder on this site.

  • Buy Rechargeables: - batteries are difficult to diapose of safely! Try to buy rechargeable batteries for small electrical goods (discmans, cycle lights etc) or items that can be charged up directly from the mains supply.

  • Buy Second-hand: - second-hand stuff is cheaper and it means less waste and more savings! Most towns have good second-hand or charity shops and if you have a good root around, you'll be sure to get a good bargain whilst supporting a good cause.

  • Repair Damaged/Broken Equipment: - don't throw away things that could be repaired easily or cheaply.

  • Down with Disposables: - disposable stuff like pens, razors, nappies amd so on end up in landfills and persist there for many years. Continually producing short lived items also uses considerable more energy per life-span than making longer lasting products.

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