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Here are some news stories from around the world. Simply click on the title to read the article:

22nd January, 2004:
New Recycling Focus on Annual Lowland Canals Litter Challenge

13th January, 2004:
West Lothian Council - News Release

21st November, 2003:
Waste Aware Stirling Launched

8th October, 2003:
National Waste Plan Enquiry

8th October, 2003:
Finnie announces major funding boost for community waste initiatives

7th October, 2003:
Be a Winner with Edinburgh’s Paper Recycling Round


8th September, 2003:
Waste Aware Clackmannanshire Campaign Launched

13th August, 2003:
Towns shuffle places but paper recycling still increasing

11th August, 2003:
Ross Finnie launches Scottish Waste Awareness Campaign in Fife

7th August, 2003:
Council Attempts to Bully Charity out of Recycling

4th August, 2003:
Funding boost for recycling projects

22nd July, 2003:
Company Seeks Fortune Turning Garbage into Oil

18th June, 2003:
In green packaging, corn replaces petroleum

13th June, 2003:
Germany orders drinks recycling settlement

6th June, 2003:
New funding to improve waste management

30th May, 2003:

First motorway laid with used glass

29th May, 2003:
Environment-aware Spaniards boost glass recycling.

12th May, 2003:
Tree-saving electronic paper comes a step closer

22nd April, 2003:

Czech lead recycler sees 2003 output down 8pct

17th April, 2003:
Brazil sets voluntary aluminum recycling record

27th January, 2003:
Germany agrees on drinks recycling system

20th January, 2003:
German Court Rejects Appeal Against Drinks Deposits.

14th January, 2003:
Ultra-Green Seattle Sorts Through Recycling Options.
Number of dumped cars set to soar

10th January, 2003:
Scots are a waste of space.
Face the facts

9th January, 2003:
Scottish Cities are Wrecking the Planet

18th December, 2002:
Carrier bag 'tax' plan for rubbish-hit area

18th November, 2002:
Ross Finnie Welcomes Community Recycling Initiatives.

12th November, 2002:
Chips Cost Environment Dear.

8th October, 2002:
Stance on recycling electrical equipment attacked.

11th September, 2002:

Plastic Man's Pallets are Breaking the Mould
Firm told to clear fridge pile or face fine
Britain appoints new committee to boost recycling

10th September, 2002:
Carrier Bag Tax Threat Adds to BPI's Concerns

29th August, 2002:
EU looks to reduce hazardous household waste.

25th August, 2002:
McConnell to spend billions on Waste.


Here are some websites where you can look at more news stories:

The Chartered Institute of Wastes Management's News Online.



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