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National Events

If you or your organisation are holding any events that you would like to see posted up on this page, please contact us at 01786 468 248. Please note that there are also local events pages for each of the 11 Waste Strategy Areas.

January 2004

5-31: Christmas Card Recycling Scheme
The Woodland Trust, the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity, has once again teamed up with WHSmith and Tesco to run the 2004 Christmas Card Recycling Scheme. Look out for Christmas card recycling points at your local Tesco or WHSmith or visit the Woodland Trust's website for more information.

20 Jan- 2nd March: Short Course - Business and Sustainability
(Study days: 23-25 January 2004, 13-15 February 2004)
Unaccountable destroyers of the environment and communities? Or responsible organisations responding to customer demand? Whatever your views, the business sector is one of the most significant ways in which humans impact on the environment and each other. This course explores how business activity affects society, communities, and the local and global environment, and what we - whether manager, consultant, trades unionist or campaigner - can do to address environmental sustainability and social justice. We take a strategic approach to sustainability - looking not only at the 'big picture' of how a sustainable economy might operate, but also at the practical tools available now, and at the emerging issues that will shape business in the near future. Topics include corporate social responsibility; corporate accountability; green purchasing; regulations, economic instruments and competitiveness; management systems, charters and labelling; and globalisation and international trade.
Contact: Irene Gardiner, Registrar 0131 624 1974

23: Beyond “rearranging the deckchairs of the Titanic”: a social contract for sustainable business activity
Exploring, in a European context, ways to bridge the divides between the state, individuals and business in order to achieve real progress in sustainable development. (Dr. Christoph Bey, La Rochelle Business School)
Contact: Irene Gardiner, Registrar 0131 624 1974

28th: Resource Efficiency Action Programme - "SHOUTING about WASTE MINIMISATION" or - 'Communicating your Environmental Profile'.
As well as looking at findings from the REAP project, the event will look at the business benefits of communicating about environmental policies - both internally and externally. Speakers will include three companies reporting on their waste minimisation and environmental work and the communication issues they have faced, and a communications expert from Tayburn talking about brand and communication - methods and benefits.
Time: 09:30 - 13:30
Venue: Members House, Edinburgh Zoo.
Contact: Kate Beckmann - 0131 445 6433

February 2004

5: THE CANNY BUYER - Using Green Purchasing in Your Business
This one day conference on sustainable purchasing is for all those in business or public bodies with responsibility for strategy, budgets, or procurement decisions. Sustainable procurement, purchasing which aims to reduce impacts on the earth and its people, can lead to direct business benefits such as reduced costs, less waste, less raw materials and less energy consumption. The conference, supported by a Scottish Executive sustainable action grant, has prominent speakers giving practical information based on first hand experience, and is an essential step in learning about what is involved and how to put it into practice.
Venue: Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre
Cost: £50 + VAT
Contact: Jane Rodger - 01224 495 051

13: Buying a Better World
Can responsible public sector purchasing make a difference?
Contact: Irene Gardiner, Registrar 0131 624 1974

16: Essential Knowledge for Composting
This course is designed to increase the knowledge base of those individuals and organisations planning to establish composting operations, by making them aware of the types of issues that they need to consider prior to completing a business plan.
Venue: Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow
Contact: Paulo Cruz - 0141 5820453.
Further details and a registration form are available from the ReMade website

20: The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive and the Restriction of Hazardous Substances ROHS) Directive
The WEEE Directive is scheduled for transposition into law early 2004. A large number of companies are going to be affected by the Directive. Some of them are aware of the issues but unfortunately there is a large number that are not yet aware and require to be targeted. For this reason the DTI, DEFRA and the respective agencies are carrying out free seminars through the UK in 2003-2004. This will be the only seminar in Scotland out of these series. The main targets are: Manufacturers of EEE, Distributors of EEE, Retailers of EEE, Refurbishers, Community Recyclers (Voluntary) and most importantly Local Authority Waste Managers. Implementation of the Directive hinges on separately collected household WEEE which is why it is important that at least a Senior Local Authority representative attends the seminar and understands/appreciates other stakeholder's perspectives as well as the impact the Directive is going to have on them.
Venue: Thistle Hotel, Edinburgh.
Contact: Charlie McDermott, Event Administrator - 01865 384 927.

23rd - 27th: Green Office Action Week
Venue: In your Office!
Contact: Joanna Heron 0131 554 9977
Email: events@foe-scotland.org.uk

25th: High Performance Recycling Schemes: Examples Of European Good Practice
Venue: Edinburgh
Contact: Paulo Cruz 0141 582 0450

March 2004

Following on from the launch of the National Waste Plan in February 2003, the event will outline progress so far and look at future development and implementation. The ongoing role of the stakeholder engagement will also be addressed
Venue: Radisson Hotel, Glasgow.
Contact: Catherine Maclean - 01786 457 722

4: ConGlassCrete Dissemination Seminars
Two WRAP-funded waste glass research projects worth some £1.2m are being undertaken by the Centre for Cement and Concrete (CCC) at the University of Sheffield. These projects, known as the ConGlassCrete I & II Projects are examining the use of waste container, plate, windscreen, lightbulb and fibre glass streams as alternative coarse and fine aggregates and cement replacements in concrete.

The ConGlassCrete Projects are holding WRAP-subsidised dissemination seminars in February and March, 2004 in Edinburgh, Doncaster and London to discuss the work of the projects. Selected ConGlassCrete partners, who are senior managers in their respective fields, will be delivering talks on their involvement with the ConGlassCrete 1 and 2 projects. The Seminars will thus present the State of the Art in the use of glass in concrete construction and will give networking and discussion opportunities in the areas of current legislation on waste glass, developing markets, pozzolanic reaction of glass in concrete, avoidance of alkali-silica reaction, certification issues relating to glass aggregates and pozzolan in concrete products and new and exciting architectural concrete finishes. Places are limited and early booking is recommended.
Venue: Commonwealth Institute, London
Contact: ConGlassCrete Projects Team, Sheffield.
For more information, visit the WRAP website.

16: The Second Scottish National Nappy Conference
Venue: Council Chambers, Municipal Buildings, Stirling
Contact: Sonia McLay - 01324 878 609.

16: Planning for Scotland's Success
Following the success of the previous conference, 'Planning for Scotland's Future', Holyrood Conferences is organising Planning for Scotland's Success in partnership with the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), the Scottish Society of the Directors of Planning (SSDP) and Friends of the Earth Scotland. The purpose of this one-day conference, is to discuss the current issues affecting the planning system as well as to feed into the Executive's consultations on Widening the Right of Appeal and Modernising Public Inquiries. Through electronic polling, following each session, delegates will have the opportunity to vote on the proposals for change put forward by each of the speakers. The results will be used to produce a report, which will be submitted to the Scottish Executive's Planning Division enabling its conclusions to influence the Executive's
thinking on this subject. A copy of this report will be sent to all delegates after the conference and is available for purchase by those unable to attend.
Venue: The Roxburghe Hotel, Edinburgh.
Contact: Nicola Harris - Tel: 0131 272 2130.

29th March - 4th April: Real Nappy Week
Now in its 8th year, the event is co-ordinated by the Women's Environmental Network (WEN) and involves local activities organised all over the UK to raise awareness of the environmental impacts of nappies and the convenience of modern cloth nappies and laundry services.
Contact: For further information contact Elizabeth Hartigan or Liz Sutton at WEN on 020 7481 9004, email nappies@wen.org.uk or visit the website www.wen.org.uk

May 2004

22: International Biodiversity Day

22-30: Scottish Biodiversity Week
Contact: Jo Lenthall, Scottish Biodiversity Forum.

June 2004

5: World Environment Day

19:Backyard Biodiversity Day



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