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AFM®Active Filtration Media: www.AFMfilter.com

Blackwalls: Check out the stylish composters available from Blackwalls at: www.greatgardeningoffers.co.uk

The Composting Association: www.compost.org.uk

DALCAL: The Scottish Executive's Do A Little - Change A Lot campaign: www.dochange.net

EcoSchools: www.eco-schools.org.uk

Encams: Environmental Campaigns, Ltd.: www.encams.org

European Legislation: http://europa.eu.int/comm/environment/legis_en.htm

Green Books: Shop for environmental books on everything from organic food
and cookery to eco-philosophy at: www.greenbooks.co.uk

HDRA: The Henry Doubleday Research Foundation has plently of information about organic composting: www.hdra.org.uk/gh_comp.htm

LEEP: Edinburgh Recycling is an innovative project managed by Lothian and Edinburgh Environmental Partnership. It aims to increase the level of recycling activity in Edinburgh by extending and developing recycling infrastructure: www.leep.org.uk

Permaculture Magazine: Check out The Permaculture Magazine's website for solutions to sustainable living at: www.permaculture.co.uk

RAGS: The Recycling Advisory Group Scotland: www.rags.org.uk

Recycle More: Find all the recycling sites near you at www.recycle-more.co.uk

reuze: For information on all aspects of recycling visit www.reuze.co.uk

The Recycle Works: Be sure to have a look at The Recycle Works' very cool site -
you can even order their fantastic environmentally-friendly composting equipment online at: www.recycleworks.co.uk

ReMaDe: Recycling Market Development was set up to develop markets for reprocessed materials: www.remade.org.uk

RHS: The Royal Horticultural Society's website's got loads of information
and resources on gardening, including home composting. It can be found at: www.rhs.org.uk

SCI Scotland: The Sustainable Communities Initiative work to divert tyres away from landfill by building earthships. They also run brilliant Creative Waste Workshops:

SEPA: The Scottish Environment Protection Agency: www.sepa.org.uk

UK Legislation: www.legislation.hmso.gov.uk

Wiggly Wrigglers: Find the kid in you and have fun with worms at: www.wigglywigglers.co.uk



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