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You can get the most out of your paper by making sure that, where possible you use both sides. Try printing on paper that’s just been used on one side or use it for writing notes on.

Shredded paper (and cardboard) can also be added, along with a mixture of other garden and kitchen waste, to home compost bins and heaps.


Wrapping paper and gift bags

Why not save used wrapping paper to use again for wrapping other presents?

Alternatively reusable gift bags may be a better option, although they can be more expensive than wrapping paper they’re very easy to reuse and add a touch of class to any present.


Food & Drinks Containers

Food and drinks containers can often be used again as storage containers. For example, plastic containers can be used to freeze or refrigerate left over food.

Food jars also make great pencil pots and both bottles and jars can be decorated, using special paints, and used as tea light or candle holders. These make great presents and can be used to brighten up your home or garden!

Fresh food such as sandwiches, salads or pizzas can be made at home and then stored in reusable food containers. This helps to save on the excess packaging that can be a problem with shop bought convenience food. The lists below show some of the places where you can buy reusable food containers locally:

Local Retailers

Argos Ltd

52 Kinnaird Park, Edinburgh, EH15 3RD
Tel: 0845 1657416


Argos Ltd

11-15 North Bridge, Edinburgh, EH1 1SB
Tel: 0845 1657183


Argos Ltd

Unit 7, Craigleith Retail Park, South Groathill Avenue, Edinburgh, EH4 2LN
Tel: 0845 1657256



142 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9BQ
Tel: 0131 229 4644



36 Raeburn Place, Edinburgh, EH4 1HN
Tel: 0131 332 2613



181 St. Johns Road, Corstorphine,
Edinburgh, EH12 7SL
Tel: 0131 334 6644



170 Constitution Street, Edinburgh, EH6 6AQ
Tel: 0131 554 3872



25 Milton Link, Milton Road, Edinburgh, EH15 3QH
Tel: 0131 669 1298



15 Dumbryden Road, Edinburgh, EH14 2AB
Tel: 0845 6779744



226 Willowbrae Road, Edinburgh, EH8 7NG



30 Meadow Place Road, Corstorphine,
Edinburgh, EH12 7UQ
Tel: 0845 6779193



Broughton Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4EW
Tel: 0845 6779245



94 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9EW
Tel: 0845 6779247



Colinton Mains Drive, Colinton,
Edinburgh, EH13 9AH
Tel: 0845 6779249



Ferry Muir, South Queensferry, EH30 9QZ
Tel: 0845 6779643



Newmarket Road, Chesser, Edinburgh, EH14 1RJ
Tel: 0131 442 6750



100 The Jewal, Brunstane, Edinburgh, EH15 3AR
Tel: 0131 669 9151


Lakeland Limited

55 Hanover Street, Edinburgh, EH2 2PJ
Tel: 0131 220 3947



Moray Park, London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 5TS



9-10 St Andrews Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2AF



Lothian Road, 3 Morrison Street, Edinburgh, EH3 8BQ



185 Craighleigth Road, Blackhall, Edinburgh, EH4 2EB



Cameron Toll Shopping Centre,
Lady Road, Edinburgh, EH16 4TH



Straiton Retail Park, Straiton Mains,
Edinburgh, EH20 9PW



36 Cramond Road South,
Davidson's Main, Edinburgh, EH4 6AA
Tel: 0131 336 4234



38 Comely Bank, Edinburgh, EH4 1AG
Tel: 0131 332 4469



Bughtlin Market, Edinburgh, EH12 8UG
Tel: 0131 339 2073



4 Piersfield Terrace, Portobello Road,
Edinburgh, EH8 7BQ
Tel: 0131 661 5661



Hunters Tryst, 30 New Swanston, Edinburgh, EH10 7JA
Tel: 0131 445 5647



102 Pilton Drive, Edinburgh, EH5 2HF
Tel: 0131 315 4970


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Boxes & packing cases

Keeping used boxes and packing cases will save you time when you next have to move anything. They can also be used to store larger items and can often be leant to other people.

High street shops may be able to provide you with their used cardboard boxes.


Envelopes, jiffy bags, postal packaging

Your envelopes, jiffy bags and postal packaging can be reused again by simply sticking a label over the original address.

Special envelope reuse stickers can be bought from the following outlets:

National Retailers

Surfers Against Sewage

National supplier.

Centre for Alternative Technology

National supplier.

World Wildlife Fund

National supplier.


Plastic bags, cloth bags & bags for life

You can help to lower the amount of waste you bring home by remembering to take your plastic bags back to the shops and use them again next time you go shopping.

Bags made out of cloth or stronger plastic last longer than thin plastic bags and can often be used to carry heavier items more easily. Why not consider using these types of bags rather than accepting new, thin plastic bags every time you go shopping?

This list shows just some of the shops where you can buy bags for life in your local area:

Local Retailers
See: Reduce/Shopping bags  

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Comics, books, videos, CDs, DVDs & computer games

There are lots of ways to make sure that your used comics, books, videos, CDs, DVDs, computer games and small household items are reused. These items can be donated to charity shops, sold at second hand shops or car-boot sales or passed onto friends and family.

The outlets listed below are just some of the places that you can either take your items to be reused or go to buy these items second hand:

Second Hand Book Shops

Local Retailers

Second Edition

9 Howards Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5JP
Tel: 0131 5569403


The Book Swop

28 Bruntsfield Place, Edinbrugh, EH10 4HJ
Tel: 0131 2299451


Gordon Wright Scottish Books

25 Mayfield Road, Edinbrugh, EH9 2NQ
Tel: 0131 6671300



Rowl House, Roul Grove, Edinbrugh, EH12 7JP
Tel: 0131 3164034
email: djb@jaybooks.demon

Specialist in Science and Natural History

Armchair Books

72-74 Westport, Edinbrugh, EH1 2LE
Tel: 0131 2295927


McNaughton's Bookshop

3a & 4a Haddigton Place, Edinbrugh, EH7 4AE
Tel: 0131 5565897

Tuesday to Saturday 9.30-17.30

Academic Book Trade

Nationwide service that buys and sells second hand academic books.


Second Hand Music Shops

Local Retailers

Backtrack music

17 Brougham Street, Edinburgh, EH3 9JS
Tel: 0131 2284898


Black Lion Games

90 Buccleuch Street , Edinburgh , EH8 9NH
Tel: 0131 6672128


Vinyl Villans Records

5 Elm Row, Leith Walk, Edinburgh,
Tel: 0131 5581170

Computer games & Videos.

The Oldies Museum

3a West Maitland Street , Edinburgh , EH12 5DS
Tel: 0131 2283240


Backbeat Records

31 East Crosscauseway, Edinburgh, EH8 9HE
Tel: 0131 6682666

Computer games & Videos.

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Local Services
See: Reduce/Use Services/Hire  


Local Papers with a Classified Section

Local Papers

Herald & Post Edinburgh

Barclay House, 108 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh,
Tel: 0131 620 8965


Evening News (Edinburgh)

Barclay House, 108 Holyrood Road, Edinburgh,
Tel: 0131 620 8965


Herald - Articles for Sale

Tel: 0141 3026000

National newspaper.

Scotsman (Edinburgh)

Tel: 0131 6208888

National newspaper.

Scotsman (Glasgow)

Tel: 0141 2366422

National newspaper.


Car Boot Sales


The Car Boot & Market Calendar

listings of car boot sales in the UK.

The Car Boot Sales Directory

information on car boot sales, markets and fairs throughout the UK (a charge applies).


Charity Shops

Local Shops

Bethany Christian Trust

110b Dalry Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2DR
Tel: 0131 6245355


Bethany Christian Trust

17 Duke Street, Leith, EH6 8HG
Tel: 0131 6255400


Cancer Research UK

11 South Clerk Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9JE
Tel: 0131 6671284


Cancer Research UK

130/132 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9EH
Tel: 0131 6670711


Cancer Research UK

15 Newkirkgate, Leith, EH6 6AD
Tel: 0131 5537086


Cancer Research UK

208 High Street, Edinburgh, EH15 2AU
Tel: 0131 6690894


Cancer Research UK

50 Home Street, Tollcross, EH3 9NA
Tel: 0131 2296252


Cancer Research UK

64 Main Street, Edinburgh, EH4 5AA
Tel: 0131 3364408


Cancer Research UK

87 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4AY
Tel: 0131 4528064


Capability Scotland

179 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4QP
Tel: 0131 4475905


Capability Scotland

217-219 St. Johns Road, Corstorphine, EH12 7UU
Tel: 0131 3343564


Capability Scotland

39-41 Deanhaugh Street, Edinburgh, EH4 1LR
Tel: 0131 3153647


Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland

12 Easter Road , Edinburgh, EH7 5RG
Tel: 0131 6617730



27 Marchmont Crescent, Edinburgh, EH9 1NQ
Tel: 0131 2291316


Edinburgh Cyrenians

107 Newington Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1QW
Tel: 0131 6675046


Family Care

Thrift Shop 1 Family Care Inc, 6 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4HN
Tel: 0131 2294646


Marie Curie Cancer Care

11 St Patricks Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9EZ
Tel: 0131 6672944


Marie Curie Cancer Care

119a St Johns Roadt, Edinburgh, EH12 7SB
Tel: 0131 3349469


Marie Curie Cancer Care

151 Morningside Road, Morningside, Edinburgh,
EH10 4AX
Tel: 0131 4478193


Marie Curie Cancer Care

2 Montagu Terrace, Trinity, Edinburgh, EH3 5QX
Tel: 0131 5529138


Marie Curie Cancer Care

40 Great Union Street, Leith, Edinburgh
Tel: 0131 5540869




Local Retailers


Unit 33, The Gyle Shopping Centre, Edinburgh,
EH12 9JU
Tel: 0131317 1707



32 St James Centre, Edinburgh , EH1 3SL
Tel: 0131 5578160



127 Princes St, Edinburgh, EH2 2AN
Tel: 0131 2253453



22 Cameron Toll Shopping Centre, 6 Lady Rd, Edinburgh, EH16 5PB
Tel: 0131 6661661



10 Frederick St,, Edinburgh, EH2 2HB
Tel: 0131 2259496


Gamestation Ltd

287 Leith Walk, Edinburgh, EH6 8PD
Tel: 0131 5555188


Games Workshop Ltd

136 High St, Edinburgh, EH1 1QS
Tel: 0131 2206540




Used computer equipment can often be reused and repaired if necessary. Contact the organisations listed to find out more about donating or buying used computer equipment:

Local Organisations

Chips Edinburgh

136 Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, EH8 9EH
Tel: 0131 6677001

Chips is truly Cyber land, nothing but wall-to-wall console games, accessories and DVDs; it's a games enthusiasts heaven. It opened in Edinburgh in late 2003 and is one of a string of independent franchises, allowing game boys and girls to buy, sell and trade new and second-hand console games, as well as try out the latest ones.

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Second Hand Shops

Local Shops


122 Morningside Road, Edinburgh, EH10 4BX
Tel: 0131 4529614


Edinburgh Cameras

219 Bruntsfield Place, Edinburgh, EH10 4BX
Tel: 0131 4479977




Local Organisations

Community Compost Box Project

STIR Network, Edinburgh, EH7 5DR
Tel: 0131 6615671

Waste wood to make compost boxes,



Clothes, shoes, curtains, bedding and small household items can be donated to your local charity shops where they will be sold and reused by other people. Specialist second hand clothes shops that buy and sell second hand clothes are also popular in some areas.

The list below shows where your second hand clothes and local charity shops are:

Charity Shops

Local Shops
See: Reuse/Reuse/Charity Shops  


Second Hand Clothes Shops

Local Shops


64-66 Clerk Street, Edinburgh,
Tel: 0131 6673056



83 Grass Market, Edinburgh,
Tel: 0131 220 557


Barnados Brides by Appointment

18-24 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh, EH11 2LZ
Tel: 0131 3377434


The Rusty Zip

14 Teviot Place, Edinburgh,
Tel: 0131 2264634


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Your used furniture can often be sold or donated for reuse. Some items may be suitable for trading in as part payment for new items or could be sold at auction, to antique shops or through adverts in local papers. Alternatively you may wish to donate good quality items to charitable organisations.

Outlets for furniture reuse in your area are shown in the list below:


Local Organisations

For website, click here.

Tel: 0131 4422100


Edinburgh Furniture Initiative (EFI)
For website, click here.

Unit 3 Bonnington Industrial Estate,
Edinburgh, EH6 5PY
Tel: 0131 5533444

Furniture recycling; collection/redistribution Contact: Marilyn Airey; Email:

Fresh Start Edinburgh
for website, click here

Tel: 0131 4767741


Niddrie Mission
for website, click here

Tel: 0131 6616955


Salvation Army - Leith

Tel: 0131 5550275


Scottish Charities Warehouse

Norton Park School, 57 Albion Road, Edinburgh,
Tel: 0131 4752400

Office furniture reuse schemeContact: Isabel Brown/Margaret Cameron . Fax: 0131 475 2401 Email:

Vulture Recycled Furniture Project
for website, click here.

Tel: 0131 5570743


Bethany Homemaker

33a Haddington Place, Edinburgh, EH7 4AG
Tel: 0131 4673993

Furniture recycling; collection/redistribution Contact: Marilyn Airey; Email:


170B Great Junction Street, , Edinburgh, EH6 5LJ
Tel: 0131 4762621

Office & household furniture

Scottish Churches Housing Agency

28 Albany Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3QH
Tel: 0131 4774500

Produce starter packs for individuals or families on low income.



Auction Houses

Thomson, Roddick & Medcalf Ltd

Unit44/3 Harden Green Business Park, Dalkeith,
EH22 3NX
Tel: 1314549090


Ramsay Cornish Auctioneers and Valuers

88 Jane Street, Midlothian, EH6 5HG
Tel: 0131 5537000



Antique Dealers

Local Shops

Trinity Curious

4-6 Stanley Rd, Edinburgh, EH6 4SG
Tel: 01315567084


The Thrie Estates

The Thrie Estates, Edinburgh, EH3 6RS
Tel: 01315567084


London Rd Antiques

15 Earlston Place, Edinburgh, EH3 6RS
Tel: 0131 556 7084


D.L Cavagnah Antiques

49 Cockburn St, Edinburgh, EH1 1BS
Tel: 0131 226 3391


Alan K.L. Jackson

67 Causeywide, 67 Causeywide, EH9 1QF
Tel: 0131 225 4532


Alan Lawson & Son

179-181 Causeywayside, Edinburgh, EH9 1PH
Tel: 01316621991



Trade in furniture shops

local shop

Abbeyhill Saleroom

Cadzow Place, Edinburgh, EH7 5SN
Tel: 0131 661 1442


Bethany Shop

32b Haddington Place, Leith, EH7 4AG
Tel: 0131 478 7868


Alternatively, used furniture can often be sold in local newspapers with classified sections. For a list of papers with classified sections in your area, click here.

WEEE Items

Local Retailer

WEEE Partnership

113 North High Street, Musselburgh
Tel: 0131 663 1131

The WEEE Partnership collects disused electrical and electronic equipment for repair, refurbishment or recycling and can arrange collections if you have several items for uplift, eg office IT equipment.


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