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Pesticide Withdrawal

If you’ve got a garden then the chances are you’ve got some pesticides, whether its weed killer or slug pellets. But what you may not know is that at the end of 2003, a number of pesticides were withdrawn from the market because they do not meet modern safety standards. If you’re having a Spring clean why not check to see if any pesticides you have are included.

How to check your products

81 products were withdrawn in total, although many of these are old products that have not been sold for some years. In some cases, trade names of the withdrawn products have been used for new environmentally improved replacement product.

There are two ways you can check to see if your product is an old withdrawn product or a new improved product. You can check the registration number and the chemical names of the ingredients, which can both be found on the product label.

Each product has it’s own unique registration number (a five digit number with a letter ‘M’ in front of it.) The new replacement products will have a different number to the old withdrawn product. Alternatively, you can look at the chemical names of the ingredients. Each of the withdrawn pesticides contains one of the following six chemicals:

  • Dichlorprop
  • Dikegulac
  • Resmethrin
  • 2,3,6 - TBA
  • Tar acids
  • Triforine

If you see one of these names on the label of your product, then the product has been withdrawn and you should not use it. There’s nothing ‘wrong’ with these products, they just don’t meet the modern safety standards.

Disposal of unwanted pesticides

If you have any leftover pesticides contact your Local Authority to find out where your nearest disposal site is. Pesticide products should not be disposed of down sinks, drains or toilets.

For more information on pesticide products visit www.pesticides.gov.uk or phone the PSD Information Section on 01904 455775.





















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