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New funding to improve waste management (06/06/2003)

Five local authorities today shared more than £14 million to invest in initiatives to improve recycling, waste management facilities and kerbside collection services. Minister for Environment and Rural Development Ross Finnie said the money - £14.17 million from the Strategic Waste Fund - will help North and South Lanarkshire, Fife, West Lothian and East Renfrewshire councils further develop strategies to build on the targets of the National Waste Plan, outlined in February.

The announcement is an indication of the Scottish Executive's commitment to the environment and waste recycling, outlined in the recently published Partnership for a Better Scotland and the National Waste Plan. Mr Finnie said: "Waste is everyone's business - how we handle it is an issue which affects us all. Material squandered through burial in landfill sites contributes to global warming, blights our landscape and degrades our environment. This material is a valuable resource which can be managed in more sustainable ways.

"This second major tranche of funding from the Strategic Waste Fund will make a significant contribution in taking forward the Executive's commitments to increase recycling and composting to 55 per cent by 2020, and reduce our reliance on landfill by 60 per cent.

"The plans we are now funding have been drawn up in partnership with local communities, neighbouring councils and the not-for-profit sector. This substantial funding will support urgent action to bring about real improvements in communities covered by the councils."

South Lanarkshire Council will receive £7.166 million over 3 years to implement a domestic segregated and bulky uplift collection systems, as well as improvements to civic amenity sites and the introduction of a local environmental marketing and publicity campaign. This will enable South Lanarkshire Council to recycle and compost 28% of their waste and offer kerbside collections to over 80,000 households. The council currently recycles and composts 12% of municipal waste. An additional award is expected to be announced after the completion of further assessment that will enable South Lanarkshire Council to implement a green waste collection service.

Fife Council will receive £5.38 million over 3 years to fund the implementation of paper and green waste kerbside collection schemes, as well as improving the provision of community recycling banks and civic amenity recycling centres. This will enable Fife Council to recycle and compost an additional 124,000 tonnes and increase kerbside collections to 160,000 householders. The money will build on the 2% of waste which is currently recycled.

An award to East Renfrewshire Council for £934,000 over 3 years will fund the implementation of green waste and dry recyclables kerbside collection schemes as well as employing a waste minimisation officer and starting a marketing/publicity campaign. This will enable East Renfrewshire Council to recycle and compost an additional 13,075 tonnes of waste each year. They currently recycle 13% of municipal waste.

An award to North Lanarkshire Council for £618,250 this financial year will provide further funding to last year's award for improved mobile educational facilities, further research and extending the piloting of the kerbside collection of glass and green waste to over 15,000 households. The council currently has a 6% figure on waste recycling.

An additional award to West Lothian Council for £67,000 will provide additional separate household collection containers . The local authority currently recycles 6.1% of municipal waste.

The Strategic Waste Fund is a specific grant scheme established by the Scottish Executive for the implementation of the National Waste Strategy: Scotland. It was set up under The Financial Assistance for the Environmental Purposes (Scotland) Order 2000 (S.S.I. 2000/430). The National Waste Strategy, adopted by the Scottish Executive in 1999, sets the framework for changing the way waste is handled in Scotland, increasing recycling and recovery and reducing our reliance on landfill.

Eleven Area Waste Plans have been prepared by groups involving local government, Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), industry and community organisations to establish the Best Practicable Environmental Option for Waste in each Area. The National Waste Plan, launched in February 2003, combined the targets from the Area Plans to set overall targets for Scotland.

Total provision for local authorities in the Strategic Waste Fund is £16m for 2002/03, £30.2m for 2003/4, £90.2, for 2004/5 and £111.7 for 2005/6. The Scottish Executive has already allocated £6 million between all councils last financial year for initiatives to increase recycling as well as specific awards to eight councils totalling £110 million to 2020.

The latest reported recycling figures are taken from the Accounts Commission data for 2001-02 (published February 2003).

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