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Babies give the future the bums-up

Cotton Bottoms is bringing eco-nappies to a third of Scotland’s babies with the opening of its Edinburgh and Forth Valley nappy laundry on Thursday (23 September).

The new nappy laundry will make it easy for mums and dads in Mid-Scotland ( Clackmannanshire, Fife, Forth Valley, Perth & Kinrosshire, Edinburgh and the Lothians ) to use modern cotton nappies – they are as simple and convenient as using disposables but with soft cotton next to baby skin.

Parents using cotton nappies help the environment by saving up to one tonne of unnecessary nappy waste from being buried in the ground for each child – landfill waste that the Scottish Executive is keen to reduce too.

Franchisee, Catherine Robertson is definitely an expert when it comes to advice on nappies, she used CottonBottoms on her one year old son Orrin and was so impressed that she wanted to help other Mums and Dads to do the same.

“I’d used terry nappies on my oldest son Duncan, fourteen years ago, finding the whole process fairly straight forward – the horror stories are so exaggerated; in fact I have fond memories!

“In the thirteen years between Duncan and Orrin being born I saw many of my friends use disposables on their babies and was absolutely horrified to see how much unnecessary waste was being jam-packed into their bins each week, simply to be buried in the ground.

“With many councils in the area collecting rubbish only every two weeks they become very smelly indeed!

“Without a doubt CottonBottoms was my number one choice of nappy, they’re very soft and made from luxurious natural cotton.

“They are also very cleverly designed, with Velcro fastenings so they are quick and simple to change – incredibly important when you are dealing with a little wriggler like Orrin!

“Whilst washing at home is a lot easier than people think, having the laundry do the hard work makes life so straightforward – you really don’t have to think about the nappies at all – they are there when you need them!

“All you need to do is simply pop the used ones into your special CottonBottoms nappy laundry bin, instead of throwing disposables into your dustbin, and we’ll do the rest – we even deliver to the door and take the used ones away!

“For those parents who would like to wash their own at home we also stock the entire CottonBottoms range.

“Parents are really welcome to come along to visit us to find out more about CottonBottoms nappies and the nappy laundry service. We hold VIB (Very Important Baby!) Days every Thursday – there’s no obligation simply bombard us with questions!”

Managing Director of CottonBottoms, Joanne Freer added, “This is very exciting for parents in Edinburgh and the Forth Valley, we know already that people here are environmentally aware from our work with the NHS and local government.

“I am delighted that Mark Ruskell is putting his support behind our project, it shows the importance that the Executive is placing on reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill.

“Responsible parenting is not just about the here and now, we have to think to the future of the generation that is being born.”



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