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39,000 households in West Lothian now able to recycle at home

West Lothian Council in partnership with the Scottish Waste Awareness Group (SWAG) have now provided a total of 39,000 homes in West Lothian with blue and brown kerbside recycling bins. Householders are asked to place cans, light card, paper and plastic bottles into the blue recycling bin and put garden and uncooked fruit and vegetable waste into the brown recycling bin.

To launch the expansion, West Lothian Council and SWAG gave Armadale resident, Mr Alec Horne, the chance to see what happens to the waste materials once they are

collected from the blue bin. All the materials from the blue bin, (cans, light card, paper and plastic bottles) are taken to Eden Recycling in Broxburn. Here the materials are sorted, separated and baled. The Waste materials are then transported to reprocessing facilities in the UK to be made into new materials.

Mr Horne commented, “It was very interesting to see what happens to the materials after they are collected. Now I have seen the process in action I will be keen to see how the new scheme will work in Armadale and West Calder. ”

Councillor Neil Findlay, Vice Convenor of Community Safety, commented, “The West Lothian kerbside recycling scheme is really making a difference. Today’s visit has shown that high levels of recyclable materials are being recovered from our blue bins and most importantly recycled. In practical terms, this means that less and less materials are being disposed of in landfill sites. This is very good news.”

A Council spokesperson said , “ In the areas that the kerbside recycling scheme has been introduced, West Lothian residents are currently achieving an average recycling rate of 51%, which is very encouraging. West Lothian Council have a good working relationship with Eden Waste Recycling, which is beneficial to us both. They are delighted with the quality of recyclable material from the blue kerbside recycling bins and we are pleased that it is segregated here in West Lothian. It minimises costs in time and transportation and creates local employment.”  

Vicky Armour, SWAG Campaigns Officer,commented, “ It is great to see the combined efforts of West Lothian householders in collecting so much recyclable material. Recycling the waste from the blue bins means that we are recovering valuable resources to make useful new products. "

Garden and uncooked fruit and vegetables from the new brown recycling bin is taken to West Lothian Council’s composting facility in Addiwell. Garden and uncooked fruit and vegetable waste is then composted as soil conditioner.

Thanks to the co-operation of residents within the three bin areas, around 100 refuse vehicles of waste are diverted from landfill each month.

Members of the public can get more information about the recycling scheme by visiting the SWAG website at ww.wascot.org.uk or by calling the recycling hotline on 01506 777810.






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