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Scout Groups across the UK have raised a massive £250,000 in the last five years by recycling so-called rubbish.

The cash was raised by over 1,800 Scout Groups that signed up to a recycling programme run by the British company Eurosource.

They have each taken a share of the quarter of a million pounds, generated from recycling old, unwanted mobile phones and used printer cartridges that would otherwise be thrown away into polluting landfill sites.

Eurosource refurbishes and re-sells the products, rewarding groups who help rescue the recyclable items by giving them a substantial share of the proceeds.

Fiona Brennan from the Scout Association said: "Raising a quarter of a million pounds is a fantastic achievement for us and I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the recycling programme and made it such a success.  The importance of recycling and protecting the environment is stressed to all our Members and I am proud that they have taken this so seriously - the amount raised is testament to this."

Rob Morton, Scouts Recycling Appeal co-ordinator at Eurosource said: "Modern Scouts recognise the value of recycling. The environment benefits and so does each participating Scout Group, financially.

"Scouts have been spreading the word that old mobiles and printer cartridges cause pollution if thrown away. Recycling keeps them out of landfill, extends their lifespan and helps local Scout Groups at the same time.

There are literally millions of mobile phones languishing in drawers and cupboards at home or at work - an estimated 75million in the UK alone. Placed end-to-end, these would stretch round the edge of a football pitch 32,000 times or along the length of the Great Wall of China nearly five times.

Millions of cartridges are binned every year. Don't add to the waste - recycle! You'll be helping the environment and a Scout Group too!"

To find out more about the Scout Recycling Appeal, call 08712 505050, or visit www.scoutsappeal.com.






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