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Let's Recycle Your Garden Waste

Midlothian Council is now providing brown bins to all houses with gardens to collect green waste for recycling. Part of the comprehensive recycling scheme about to roll out throughout Midlothian, green waste can now be collected and turned into a compost for future use.

The green waste collection starts in April and bins will be collected on a fortnightly basis. It’s reckoned that almost a quarter of current dumped waste can be recycled this way.

Councillor Derek Milligan, Cabinet Member for Commercial Services said: “We are in the process of supplying brown bins out to all the households, ready for the onset of the gardening season. Over 80% of the people we have been talking to have said they will welcome this green waste service and being able to do their bit for the environment.”

A leaflet outlining what can and can't go into the bin has been circulated with the new bin and includes collection dates. Councillor Milligan explains: “Because of regulations relating to the control of animal and human diseases food waste, including vegetable peelings can't go into the brown bin, but flowers, grass cuttings, weeds and wood shavings can.

And please - no plastic bags! To make this scheme a real success we need the co-operation of all householders to ensure that we can recycle as much of this type of waste as possible.

If all garden waste is recycled, there will 4,000 tonnes less rubbish going to our landfill sites and that is a very good thing."

The Council has set up a ‘Let’s Recycle’ helpline on 0845 130 23 22 to help people get to grips with recycling. Waste aware officers are on hand to give out information and answer any questions about the new scheme and the ‘Let's Recycle’ exhibition trailer will be touring communities to give on the spot advice to householders.

The comprehensive green waste service is the first in a series of recycling initiatives being introduced in Midlothian. Watch out for details soon about the kerbside collection and home composting or visit www.midlothian.gov.uk/recycling.




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