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Funding for Glasgow and Clyde Valley

Some areas in Clyde Valley recieved funding from the Strategic Waste Fund this month.  The Scottish Executive announced the allocation of £28.4 million to Renfrewshire Council.  The funding will be used to provide recycling binc, expand kerbside collection services and carry out educational campaigns.

£4.2 million has been allocated to West Dunbartonshire to expand existing recycling centres and introduce kerbside collection services to 36,000 households.  Some of the funding will also be used for a waste minimisation initiative.

Almost £24 million was allocated to East Dunbartonshire.  Proposals include increasing the number of recycling points and introducing a kerbside collection system for dry recyclates.

For more details, please use the following links:

  • www.scotland.gov.uk/pages/news/2004/06/SEenfenf.aspx
  • www.scotland.gov.uk/pages/news/2004/06/SEEN923r.aspx
  • www.scotland.gov.uk/pages/news/2004/06/SEEN925l.aspx





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