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Britain has become a nation of wasters – the average person squanders an amazing £1,725 each year.

New research from Prudential reveals the growing trend of people carelessly wasting money - £80.6 billion each year. That’s enough to cover the Government’s expected expenditure this year on transport, defence, industry, agriculture, employment, housing and the environment combined; pay the annual council tax for every household in Britain four times over; and cover the current wages at all Premiership football clubs for the next 114 years!


The study revealed that we needlessly waste money on food that goes off before it can be consumed, clothes and shoes that are never worn and club memberships that go unused. The humble lettuce emerged as the number one culprit, with 61 per cent of households admitting to throwing out soggy remnants of the vegetable each week. The average person throws a staggering £424 worth of food away every year!

Other areas where we waste money include travel, entertainment and gadgets.

However, there is good news for Scotland – the average Scot only wastes £1,597 per year – that’s 8% lower than the national average and the lowest in the UK.

To find out more about the Prudential’s ‘Soggy Lettuce or download a copy of the report visit: www.pru.co.uk





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