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Clackmannanshire Council – wasting no time!

Clackmannanshire is leading the way when it comes to waste recycling in Scotland. Last week councillors heard that the Wee County was the first local authority area in Scotland to have introduced a range of kerbside recycling activities, already reaching a government target for 90 % of households to have recycling options by the year 2020.

Councillor Billy Calder, convenor of the council’s enterprise and environment committee, said: “This is a hugely important issue and I am delighted that it has been so successful so quickly.

There were a few teething troubles in the early days as the scheme was introduced, but most people wholeheartedly support the scheme and can see the part they are playing in protecting the local environment now and in the future.”

The scheme includes blue boxes and bags, collected weekly for paper, glass, cans, textiles and plastics and brown bins for cardboard and garden waste, recycled at a joint facility in Stirling.

Since March more than 1300 tonnes of waste from Clacks has gone through the site.

“We couldn’t be happier with the results,” added Councillor Calder. “What’s more, we’re investing time and money in education programmes to work with people, particularly school children, so that they learn good habits to take with them to adulthood.”

The Scottish Executive said that that 25 % of municipal waste should be recycled or composted by 2006, but Clackmannanshire already achieve a rate of 29 %.

Despite the success of the scheme, the council aims to keep monitoring the situation.

The council’s integrated waste manager, Graeme Cunningham, said: “Some of the larger households in the area have had difficulty with the scheme and we are aware of that and we’re ready to offer advice if and when needed.

“In most cases it’s more a question of letting people get used to the new scheme and for things to settle down. But we won’t be complacent and over the next year we have plans to ask people how they think the scheme has gone – and could be improved further.

“The battle isn’t over, the amount of waste each household produces keeps on rising and we need to tackle waste minimisation as well. Waste isn’t just the council’s problem, everyone has a responsibility to do the right thing with waste.”

(Article taken from Stirling Observer, Wednesday 21 st of July 2004)










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