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Smith Anderson becomes UK’s First Carton Recycling Plant

The UK’s first beverage carton recycling plant was officially opened on July 1st by Elliot Morley MP, Minister of State for Environment and Agri-Environment.

In a joint industry partnership between the Liquid Food Carton Manufacturers Association (LFCMA), and the reprocessor, Smith Anderson, the new facility at Fettykil Mills, Fife is able to accept drinks cartons for recycling.

Elliot Morley stated: "By opening this plant we are taking a step in the right direction. The material processed at this site will help us move ever closer to meeting the targets."

"The Advisory Committee on Packaging has made a number of recommendations on the increasingly important relationship with Local Authorities and I am very pleased to hear about the efforts that Angus and Fife Councils have been making in this area."

Smith Anderson & Co Ltd now has the capacity to recycle a fifth of all milk and juice cartons sold in the UK and Ireland. The mill accepts process waste from the converters and their customers but the LFCMA is keen to expand on existing schemes and establish facilities for householders and collections wherever significant quantities of waste cartons arise.







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