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Forth Valley Recycling Development Advice Note

Clackmannanshire, Falkirk and Stirling Councils, together with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, have recently produced a new waste related Development Advice Note (DAN). The DAN provides guidelines for managing waste in housing and commercial developments across Forth Valley. It aims to assist the delivery of the Forth Valley Area Waste Plan by encouraging new developments to include provision for waste storage, recycling and collection, and to enable waste reduction and separation at source. It suggests when and how to take recycling and waste management into account during the planning and construction processes.

The Forth Valley DAN is the first of its kind in Scotland and it is hoped that it will encourage other Local Authorities to produce similar guidelines for developers. This will help to ensure that the need for kerbside recycling collections is taken into consideration at the planning stage in new housing and commercial developments.

Please click here to view the Forth Valley DAN.




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