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Recycle Inkjet Cartridges for the Red Cross

The next time you need to replace the ink cartridge in your printer, why not find out if it can be recycled to help the British Red Cross?

The next time you are replacing your Lexmark or Hewlett Packard printer cartridges please do not dispose of the old ones. The British Red Cross can put them to good use.

For every inkjet cartridge sent to their recycler the Red Cross receive £1. With a PC in approximately 40 per cent of homes in the UK, in addition to those in businesses, schools, colleges and hospitals, you can help them raise thousands of pounds to help people in crisis.

Currently only about 5 per cent of all inkjet cartridges are actually recycled - the rest end up in landfill sites. So, you can help the environment and the British Red Cross by sending your used Lexmark and Hewlett Packard cartridges to the freepost address below. Or if you click on the email address below they will send you a supply of freepost envelopes for you to take into your workplace or to give to family, friends and colleagues.

Please send your inkjet cartridges to:
Used Inkjet Appeal

Or email us at freepost@redcross.org.uk to receive a supply of freepost envelopes.




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