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Edinburgh ’s Bike Station re-“cycles” with help from Council

The Bike Station is a waste reduction initiative that diverts waste from landfill by taking old, unused and discarded bicycles that would otherwise have been thrown away and refurbishing as many as possible, with the remainder of the bicycles being dismantled and sent for recycling.

Supported by a variety of funding sources, including the Big Lottery's Transforming Waste Fund, the project has recently attracted a contribution from the City of Edinburgh Council’s Strategic Waste Fund budget, so that the “Moving Up A Gear” project can increase the Bike Station’s refurbishing and recycling capacity.

They have set themselves a target of diverting 76.5 tonnes of waste from final disposal over two years, although the team are confident of being able to process much more.

The initiative is based on Platform 1 at Waverley Station and currently receives about 17 bikes a week, most of which are refurbished by a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, to go back on to the streets of Edinburgh.

And with an estimated 1 million unused bicycles in Scotland, the team at the Bike Station have their work cut out for them.

Mark Sydenham, Manager of the Bike Station said:

“The Council’s funding means that we can refurbish and recycle even more bikes, saving valuable resources from going to landfill and helping more people to take up cycling”.

Councillor Robert Cairns, Executive Member for Environmental & Consumer Services at the City of Edinburgh Council, added:

“We are pleased to be able to help fund this very useful project. It allows Edinburgh people the opportunity to recycle and reuse old bicycles and it reduces the amount of waste going to landfill. I would encourage people in Edinburgh to use this facility”.



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