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Swap in the New Year

A new, national website has just been launched to enable people to swap, find or give away items. Its called swapxchange.org and it’s FREE and easy to use. The idea is simple, but free and aims to help people swap, find or give away items that may otherwise end up in landfill. But you don’t have to have anything to swap, be interested in recycling or be a computer whiz to use it.

“The idea is simple and the site is really easy to use,” says Ellie Dale, Swapxchange’s Development Consultant. “We initially set up local sites to help reuse and swap items on a local level and we continue to do so, working with Local Authorities and communities around the country. However, we also wanted to link the existing sites together to create a network, as well as make this facility available for people who do not yet have a site in their local area.”

And it’s already working well. Several sites have been set up around the UK and these are growing rapidly, with lots of interesting and unusual items to be found. Many people are happy to just give away items, as long as they know they are being made use of and others are finding unusual ways to make use of the site. “We have had furniture swapped for help with DIY, videos for a bottle of wine and ideas and skills swapped as well,” says Ellie. “The possibilities are endless and are only limited by people’s imagination.”

Swapxchange also recognizes that not everyone has a computer, so also promotes the idea at Internet cafes and libraries. “When we launched our first site, we had people calling to say ‘not another website’, ” says Ellie, “but when I explained the idea, many people saw its appeal and we also helped people to find computers through the site!”

So if you are looking for something you didn’t get for Christmas, or want to find a new home for something you did, either a duplicate, or perhaps something unwanted, this is the place to look. There isn’t a novelty knitted jumper section yet, but we can always create one!

You will find lots of interesting items on the site such as videos, TVs, cars, books, gardening items, tools, children’s clothing, furniture, games and lots of unusual items in the miscellaneous section. So get out in the garage or up in the attic and sort through all the things you’ve been meaning to get rid of for ages, but just didn’t know what to do with!

The site can be found at www.swapxchange.org.



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