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RSPB rings in the changes for mobile phone and inkjet cartridge recycling

Thanks to a new joint initiative between the RSPB and the specialist recycling company Eurosource, the environment can now benefit twice over if people simply recycle their old mobile phones and inkjet cartridges.

For every mobile phone and inkjet cartridge sent to Eurosource for recycling, the RSPB - Europe's largest nature conservation organisation - will receive a cash donation.  This money will help the RSPB to carry out its vital conservation work across the UK, such as creating habitats for

The environmental benefits of recycling aren't confined to supporting the work of the RSPB.  There are an estimated 75 million redundant mobile phones in cupboards and drawers across the UK.  A great many of these will end up in landfill sites.  Both mobile phones and inkjet cartridges contain toxic substances.  These substances, when disposed of in landfill sites, can leak into the surrounding soil, polluting the environment and placing birds and other wildlife in potential danger.

TV presenter, writer and producer, Philippa Forrester has given her support to this campaign, "This is a fantastic idea, and one that genuinely helps people to make a difference to tomorrow's world.  It costs you nothing, helps raise funds for the RSPB and reduces the amount of waste going to landfill.  What better way is there to dispose of old inkjet cartridges and mobile phones, and help our environment at the same time?"

Doug Christie, Licensing Manager for the RSPB says, "It's really easy to join this scheme and help raise valuable funds for the RSPB.  Just log on to www.recyclingappeal.com/rspb  or call 08712 50 50 50 * and your freepost envelopes will be sent to you.  Once you have completed your contact details on the envelope, enclose your old inkjet cartridges and mobile phones and post to the RSPB recycling appeal".

Rob Morton, PR Executive for Eurosource says, "Not only does the environment benefit from recycling, but everyone who recycles with the RSPB Recycling Appeal will be entered into our prize draw, with the chance of winning a fabulous prize kindly donated by Karrimor.  So don't add to landfill waste - recycle - you'll be helping the environment in so many ways".

Further information can be found at  http://www.recyclingappeal.com/rspb



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