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Charity raises £100, 000 through recycling

A leading Scottish children's charity has managed to raise an amazing £100,000 through recycling.

The announcement was a welcome Christmas present for the Children's Hospice Association Scotland (CHAS), which teamed up with Falkirk-based Eurosource to run the CHAS Recycling Appeal. The innovative fundraiser invites people to donate their old mobile phones and empty printer cartridges for recycling.

Eurosource collects and processes these products, and gives money back to the charity for every item which is recycled. This landmark amount was raised thanks to five years of regular donations to the appeal.

Barbara Osborne, CHAS Fundraising Manager, said: "We are delighted to accept this fantastic sum of money, which has been raised thanks to businesses and individuals donating their old mobiles and cartridges to our appeal.

"Rachel House in Kinross costs over £2.1million a year to run, and although we have recently completed our £10 million appeal to build and equip Robin House, the challenge is now on to raise the year on year running costs of both Rachel House and Robin House, which is due to be completed in spring 2005. "Recycling is so important to us all and the cash raised is an enormous help to CHAS in caring for the children and their families.  On behalf of the children and families, a huge thank-you to everyone who contributed to the appeal." 

Mobiles can be worth up to £30 for CHAS whilst cartridges can earn up £7.50, and this money helps the charity to provide its vital service for children with life-limiting conditions and their families.

The appeal also helps the environment - when these items are binned they end up in landfill sites and cause pollution. So everyone who supports the appeal is helping to prevent this.

If your workplace uses printer cartridges or company mobile phones, please sign up to donate them to CHAS. Individuals can drop unwanted items in the post to: CHAS Recycling Appeal, 31-37 Etna Road, Falkirk, FK2 9EG.

If you'd like to find out more about the CHAS Recycling Appeal, visit www.recyclignappeal.com/chas or call 08712 50 50 50.




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