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Across the UK, local schools, businesses, communities and groups have collected items that might otherwise have ended up in landfill sites and have recycled this 'waste' into over £1 million for good causes.

By collecting spent printer cartridges that so often end up in the bin, and old and unwanted mobile phones, communities across the land have helped raised this incredible amount. Their mountains of unwanted products were sent to leading British recycling company Eurosource, who made a donation to charity for each item received. In this way, £1 million has been raised, which has been distributed to schools, Scout Groups, clubs, charities - such as hospices, Marie Curie Cancer Care, RNIB and the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation - and a host of other good causes.

Jamie Rae, Chief Executive of Eurosource said: "It's incredible to think that items many people regard as rubbish, such as empty cartridges and old mobiles, actually have a value. They have a value to us as a company and they have a huge value to the good causes who benefit. But what's more, recycling this so-called waste has an environmental benefit too. At every level recycling scores. It raises cash for charities, creates jobs in the recycling industry and keeps potentially polluting materials out of waste dumps. Everyone wins!

"We are really proud that our company has raised over £1 million for good causes, and as we celebrate our fifth birthday we think this is a fantastic present to charities. But of course there's so much more that we can do if more people step in to help. In the UK alone it is estimated that there are around 75 million unwanted phones. That's a massive phone mountain that we would like to turn into a charity cash mountain. Just think what good causes could do with the money! Then there are the cartridges, which also have a value. Please help us to turn these items into cash for good causes."

For further information about recycling, phone 08712 50 50 50 for details or visit www.recyclingappeal.com





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