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The second level of the waste hierarchy is Reuse. If you can't prevent waste, then try and get your money's worth out of it by reusing it.

Reusing items means that you don't have to buy new ones. This saves resources. Here are some ideas:

Jars Reuse old jars to store new jam.
Paper  Write on both sides
Print on scrap paper or use it for writing notes on
Wrapping paper Reuse to wrap presents.
Food and drinks containers   Use them to store leftovers or take your lunch to work/ school.
Use them as plant pots.
Use them for storage.
Boxes and packing cases. Use them for storage.
Plastic bags. Take them to the shops and use them again and again.
Cloth bags or "Bags for Life". Use them for shopping instead of plastic carrier bags
Comics, books, videos, CDs, DVDs, PC games. Swap them with your mates, donate them to your local library or charity shop or make a few bob by selling them to second hand shops.
Textiles (old clothes, sheets, shoes, etc). You can mend these, or turn them into something more fashionable with a few judicious cuts or donate them to a charity shop
Envelopes, jiffy bags, postal packaging. Stick a label over the address and use again
Furniture. Donate your old furniture to charity or sell it to second hand shops to be refurbished.
Recharge Batteries. Use rechargeable batteries to avoid hazardous materials going in the bin
Refill Fabric softener and cleaning products. Buy refillable containers to avoid packaging waste.
Avoid disposables   Deodorant, toiletries, razors, handkerchiefs, etc. Avoid disposable versions of these - they work out more expensive in the end and create loads more waste.
Nappies. Reusable nappies now come in magical velcro- / popper- fastened, shaped form and save you lots of money in the long run.
Deposit bottles. Return bottles for which you have paid a deposit instead of throwing them away
Buy recycled. Paper, envelopes, glassware, plastics, etc. Buying recycled products means that you are supporting the recycling industry and reusing something at the same time.

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