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Do you have any old mobile phones or used printer cartridges lying about? To many people these items are regarded as waste, a hassle, something to dispose of, get rid of. But are we talking about waste, or about products that have a value and a longer lifespan with years of productive use ahead of them?

There’s one company that would certainly not describe these things as waste. This company has generated over £1 million for charity through so-called waste. The same company has used ‘waste’ to create new jobs, to educate children about recycling, and to encourage companies to recycle their ‘waste’. Through these efforts it has prevented over 1 million kg of mobile phones and printer cartridges from entering landfill. The company? Eurosource, a Scottish-based recycling company operating throughout the UK, Eire, France and Spain.

Join them. If you are a company or organisation, you can set up a recycling scheme to benefit your local school or Scout group. They’ll get a financial contribution for every item donated. Alternatively you can collect for one of their many charitable partners, such as the Children’s Hospice Association Scotland, Marie Curie Cancer Care or the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation. Or, if you work for a Local Authority, why not set up a Council scheme? City of Edinburgh Council and Newport City Council have already done so. These initiatives are also excellent for meeting your Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental targets.

But what if you’re an individual – not part of a company or organisation? There are things that ordinary members of the public can do right now to reduce the size of landfill sites. First, take a look in your drawers. Do you have an old mobile phone? Do you use a printer? Don’t throw away these items. They will end up in a landfill site contributing to pollution and other environmental damage. Donate them for recycling! It’s easy, it’s free, and it raises cash for good causes.

To find out more simply call 08712 50 50 50, email collections@recyclingappeal.com, view www.recyclingappeal.com or send your unwanted items to:

Recycling Appeal (WA)
31 – 37 Etna Road













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If you have any queries, please email us, or call 01786 468 246.

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