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West Lothian’s kerbside recycling service set to expand

5,500 more homes in West Lothian set to receive kerbside recycling service.

The success of West Lothian’s kerbside recycling service so far has led to an expansion to more areas of West Lothian.

West Lothian Council, in partnership with the Scottish Waste Awareness Group (SWAG) have already provided a total of 29,000 homes with colour-coded blue, brown and grey waste bins so far. Householders are asked to place cans, paper and plastic bottles into the blue bin, garden and uncooked kitchen waste go into the brown bin, the grey bin is for general residual waste.

The collected paper is sent to mills where it is recycled into a variety of paper products. Cans are used for new containers, sheet metal and building materials; plastic bottles are made into new plastic products such as garden furniture,and the garden and uncooked kitchen waste is made into compost.

Thanks to the co-operation of residents within the three-bin areas, around 100 refuse vehicles of waste are diverted from landfill each month.

The expansion of the kerbside recycling scheme will bring the total number of participating homes to 34,500. It is hoped that 92% of West Lothian will have the opportunity to participate by the end of 2005.

Launching the expansion of the kerbside recycling service, Councillor Jim Swan, convenor of the council’s Community Safety committee, commented, “I am sure the people of Whitburn, Longridge, Greenrigg and Blackridge will recognise that the need for kerbside recycling is now greater than ever. Landfill is no longer an option.”

SWAG’s Campaign Officer for West Lothian David Gunn explains, “We are really pleased by the

positive response to the kerbside recycling scheme so far and we would like to say a big thank you to all those who are using the service. I’m sure the scheme’s expansion will be received with the same enthusiastic response in the new roll out areas.”

Karen Anderson, West Lothian Council’s Waste Strategy and Operations Manager said, “This latest expansion of our kerbside recycling scheme will allow the residents of Whitburn, Longridge, Greenrigg and Blackridge to join the 29,000 other households in West Lothian who have the opportunity to recycle at home.”

Members of the public can get more information about the recycling scheme by calling the helpline on 01506 777810.













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