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This glossary of terms was compiled from a wide range of sources and covers some of the most commonly used waste-related words and abbreviations.

Please select a letter from the A-Z index to find the definition of a term.

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Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)
WRAP aims to create efficient markets for recycled materials while removing barriers to waste minimisation, reuse and recycling.
Waste Aware Scotland (WAS)
The WAS campaign aims to raise awareness of, and change public attitudes and behaviour towards Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The campaign is delivered at a local level through a range of campaigning activities and in parallel with the implementation phase of the National Waste Plan for Scotland.
Waste Hierarchy
Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, or the three Rís, which represent the order in which we should try to deal with waste before disposal. The Waste Hierarchy ranks waste management options in order of sustainability.
Waste Minimisation
The reduction of waste at source, by understanding and changing processes to reduce and prevent waste. Waste minimisation can also include the substitution of less environmentally harmful materials in the production process. Also called process or resource efficiency.
Waste Reduction
See Waste Minimisation.
Waste Strategy Area (WSA)
As part of the National Waste Strategy, Scotlandís thirty-two local authorities were divided into eleven Waste Strategy Areas. Each of these areas has produced an Area Waste Plan that outlines how it will develop more sustainable methods of waste management.
Waste Strategy Area Co-ordinator (WSAC)
Each Watse Strategy Area has a WSAC who is responsible for co-ordinating the work of the Waste Strategy Area Group.
Waste Strategy Area Group (WSAG)
The WSAGs for each of Scotlandís eleven Waste Strategy Areas have overall responsibility for implementing the local Area Waste Plans (AWPs) and meet regularly.
Waste Transfer Station
A plant where materials are sorted, separated, baled and sent on for recycling or disposal. Also called a Materials Reclamation/Recovery Facility.
Windrow Composting
The method of composting that involves piling organic waste outside in long rows (windrows). Suited to producing large volumes of compost.
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