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Core Activities

Waste Aware Scotland programme development

The national Waste Aware Scotland ongoing programme development, which includes:

  • campaigning strategies development
  • brand development
  • promotional materials development
  • photographic library of approximately 350 images

National information provision

National information provision via:

  • continued development of the Waste Aware Scotland website
  • publication of the Waste Aware Scotland magazine – 4 editions per year
  • continued public consultation
  • qualitative via focus groups
  • quantitative via door to door surveys
  • responding to public enquiries via telephone, e-mail and the message board

National Waste Aware tool development

The development of national Waste Aware tools, which include:

  • “Sort It” tool
    • A web-based service that provides information on all the facilities and services in Scotland to help you to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Version 1 of this tool was launched on our website in April 2004. Nationally, Sort It allows you to search by material and system, providing a summary of what is available in Scotland and includes information on tonnages, recycling rates, potential contamination issues and useful contacts. Locally, Sort It allows you to search by material or system within your Local Authority area.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tool
    • A web-based service that provides information on the most frequently asked questions you have on waste related issues. This was launched on our website in June 2004 and is continually updated with new questions and information.

National Waste Aware recommendations

SWAG continues to put forward national recommendations that will help you to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle more readily:

  • Standardisation of terminology – it has been recommended in Scotland that “Civic Amenity Sites” be re-named as “Recycling Centres”, and “Bring Sites” and/or “Bottle Banks” be re-named as “Recycling Points”.
  • Standardisation of receptacle colour – ongoing at the current time.

National Survey Reports

SWAG will continue to undertake national survey reports to continue to assess current public attitudes and behaviour towards Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. This baseline assessment was designed for use at regular intervals to assess progress towards more sustainable waste management behaviour, and to monitor changes in the level of waste awareness and behaviour over time. A second National Waste Awareness Survey is proposed for 2005.


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