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Waste Aware Construction

Waste Definitions

  • ‘…any substance or object that in the categories set out in part 2 of Schedule 4 of the EPA 1990 which the holder discards or intends or is required to discard…an item is discarded when it is no longer part of the normal commercial cycle or part of the chain of utility.’

  • ‘…a product which is no longer used in its primary role…which the holder then intends to, or is required to, discard’ (SEPA…Waste Management Licensing Regulations, 1994)

  • Construction waste specifically is “…materials resulting from the construction, remodelling, repair or demolition of buildings, bridges, pavements and other structures."

  • Waste is the use of energy, materials and labour which does not add value to the construction process.

what you see in the skip

Badly designed procedures or working practices that lead to inefficiency, ineffectiveness and errors.
Waiting and searching for someone/something/information is a big invisible waste

Transactions are people-to- people activities such as communications, excessive planning/discussions and delayed project handovers. The idea of ‘lost time’ is an invisible waste



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