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Western Isles: Facilities

Recycling Points

There are currently 31 Recycling Points in the Western Isles. Strategically placed around the islands, these provide residents and tourists with facilities to recycle their household waste. The Recycling Points accept aluminium & steel cans, glass bottles & jars and plastic bottles for recycling. To find out the location of your local Recycling Points, please visit Sort It.

In addition to these Recycling Points, there are five dedicated paper Recycling Points in the Western Isles. Please also visit Sort It to find the locations of these Points.

Bennadrove Recycling Centre

In addition to the items listed above, the Recycling Centre at Bennadrove accepts the following recyclates (materials that can be recycled):

  • Engine oil
    Waste engine oil recycling has been in place at Bennadrove for three years and it receives approximately 150-200 tons of oil each year from across the Western Isles. This oil is de-watered and sent to the mainland for reprocessing. The Comhairle is working with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) to ensure that all garages that produce waste oil start to take this to Bennadrove to be recycled.
  • Car Batteries
    The lead-acid car batteries received at Bennadrove are sent to the mainland to be recycled.
  • Tyres
    All tyres received at Bennadrove are stockpiled and baled. The new horizontal baler at Bennadrove, also used to bale plastics, is one of the first in the UK to be adapted to bale tyres. Approximately 170 tyres are baled into a block that weighs around 800 kg.
Bennadrove Recycling Facility

The recyclates collected at Bennadrove Recycling Centre are taken to the reprocessing facility, based at the Bennadrove Landfill Site, near Stornoway. This facility recycles aluminium & steel cans, glass bottles & jars, newspaper and plastic bottles.

Glass is processed by a state of the art glass grinder. The glass is ground to various grades and reused as aggregate, sand blasting material or decorative chipping.

Paper is processed into animal bedding and provided to local crofters and stables. The excess from this process, or any unsuitable material, is sent to the mainland to be recycled.

Aluminium & steel cans and plastic bottles are baled separately and sent to the mainland to be recycled.

Green waste is composted using a “rocket” style, environmentally controlled composting machine. The resulting compost is used as landfill cover.



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