Bulky Uplift

Bulky Uplift in Orkney

If your old furniture is in good condition and could be reused by others, please visit www.morethanfurniture.org.uk to search a full list of Scottish furniture reuse projects. These projects collect and redistribute used furniture to people in need across Scotland.

A bulky uplift service operates in Orkney. The contact details for this scheme are:

Bulky Uplift Tel: (01856) 873535

Some items are not suitable for collection by the refuse vehicle. They may be too large or simply non-burnable. Household items may be taken to one of the Recycling Centres while businesses can make arrangements to deliver directly to Bossack Landfill or the Waste Transfer Station as appropriate.

However, we do offer a bulky uplift service. By telephoning Waste Management Services at the Council Offices, arrangements can be made for the collection of large or noncombustible items. This service is free to all households although charges will be made to businesses and for demolition or excavated material.



If you have any queries, please email us, or call 01786 468 248.