Clackmannanshire Kerbside Recycling Schemes

Clackmannanshire Kerbside Recycling Service

Clackmannanshire Kerbside Recycling Service (1 Bin + 1 Box + 1 Bag + Residual Waste Bin)

Accepted Materials Aluminium cans, cardboard, garden waste, glass, paper, clear plastic bottles, steel cans, textiles.
Receptacle Blue box - cans, glass, clear plastic bottles (PET & HDPE only), textiles
Blue bag - paper
Brown bin - cardboard, garden waste
Contact Helpline: 0500 545 540
Frequency of Collection Box and bag collected weekly
Brown bin collected fortnightly
Residual bin collected fortnightly
Tonnage Cumulative Total of Tonnage Collected:
Variance from previous quarter:
Coverage No. of Households: 18,500
Waste Aware Scotland Promotional Materials Leaflets, local press, ad trailer, local A4 posters, local radio, 6 sheets, free standing display materials, A5 flyers, 48 sheet ad trailer, 48 sheet, postcard, bin sticker, refuse vehicle decals

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If you have any queries, please email us, or call 01786 468 248.