Bulky Uplift

Bulky Uplift in Clackmannanshire

If your old furniture is in good condition and could be reused by others, please visit www.morethanfurniture.org.uk to search a full list of Scottish furniture reuse projects. These projects collect and redistribute used furniture to people in need across Scotland.

Contact numbers for bulky uplift are:

Bulky Uplift Tel: 0500 545 540 (ELSA Freephone)

This service is for the removal of household waste that is too big to fit in your bin. Examples of the type of waste might include old furniture or domestic appliances.

There will be a nominal charge for the collection.

The uplift will normally take place within 5 working days of date of contact. Collection rates may be a bit slower during peak times and during holiday periods.

If you have any queries, please email us, or call 01786 468 248.