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West Lothian Recycling Success Sparks Expansion
Kerbside scheme spreading to 15,000 more homes in West Lothian

The success of West Lothian’s pilot kerbside recycling programme has led to a major expansion.

In just the first few months of the scheme, 6200 homes in Linlithgow have already successfully recycled more than 1200 tonnes of household waste. The results have proved so encouraging that another 15,000 homes are now joining the recycling programme.

By the end of 2003, West Lothian Council, in partnership with the Scottish Waste Awareness Group (SWAG) had provided a total of 12,000 homes with colour-coded blue, brown and grey waste bins. Householders were asked to place cans, paper and plastic bottles into the blue bin, while garden and uncooked kitchen waste would go into the brown bin, and the grey bin was for general residual waste.

The collected paper is sent to mills where it is recycled into a variety of paper products; cans are used for new containers, sheet metal and building materials; plastic bottles are made into new plastic products such as garden furniture, and the garden and uncooked kitchen waste is made into compost.

Results from 6200 households in the pilot scheme show they have already prevented more than 1200 tonnes of waste from being buried in landfill sites - backing up the recent SWAG survey that showed 72% of people in West Lothian supported recycling.

Launching the expansion of the kerbside programme, Councillor Jim Swan, convener of the council’s Community Safety committee, commented: “West Lothian Council are firmly committed to recycling, and we have a number of initiatives underway to encourage people to think about the environment and recycle wherever possible. For example, two additional amenity sites will be created in the near future and existing sites will be upgraded. The kerbside recycling scheme is an excellent initiative and I would urge the people of West Lothian to support it.”

SWAG’s Campaign Officer for West Lothian, David Gunn says the region has huge potential for improving Scotland’s recycling programme: “The clear message from the people of West Lothian is that they want to help. We are now working towards providing this kerbside facility to every household in West Lothian”.

Karen Anderson, West Lothian Council’s Waste Strategy and Operations Manager said: “This is a great opportunity for more people to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. It only takes a moment of thoughtfulness to make all the difference!”

The expansion of kerbside recycling will bring the total number of participating homes to 27,000. It is hoped that all of West Lothian will have the opportunity to participate by the end of 2004.



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