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World Environment Day

On Saturday 5 th June, a theatre group will perform street theatre on the theme of recycling and the environment, to celebrate this year's World Environment Day. The performance has been organised by The Environment Agency Wales, in partnership with Waste Awareness Wales.

The event will be held on St John Street (near St John the Baptist Church) in Cardiff City Centre on Saturday, 5 June.  The performances will be at 11am, 1pm and 3pm

During the day, people will be given the opportunity to sign a pledge to lessen their impact on the environment. Representatives from the Environment Agency and Waste Awareness Wales will be present to give out pledge forms and to answer any questions.

'Check your Drawers' Initiative

As World Environment Day nears (June 5) people are being asked to check their drawers to help the earth.

Rob Morton of leading recycling company Eurosource explained: "On World Environment Day each and every one of us can play our part and make a positive impact. It's simple. Just check drawers and cupboards at work and home for any old or unwanted mobile phones or used printer cartridges that may otherwise find their way through the waste system and into landfill dumps.

"This country has a poor record of recycling but we'd like to help change that. Any used printer cartridges and unwanted mobile phones we receive will be recycled and put back into productive use. What's more, we'll make a donation to charity for every item we receive.

"There are an estimated 75 million unwanted mobile phones in the UK. Placed end-to-end, these would stretch round the edge of a football pitch 32,000 times or, to put it another way, they would extend along the length of the Great Wall of China nearly five times. Don't add to the waste - recycle!
You'll be helping the environment ... and charity!"

Eurosource has donated nearly £1 million to charity through its recycling initiatives and has recycled over 1 million kilograms of mobile phones and printer cartridges, since 1999.

To find out more phone Eurosource on 08712 50 50 50 for details or visit www.recyclingappeal.com















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