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Newcomers increase paper recycling rate

Residents of Laurencekirk and Inverbervie have outshone three of the original towns in Aberdeenshire Council's paper kerbside recycling scheme.  On only their second month of the scheme, they are also hard on the heels of the two leading towns in terms of weight recycled per household.

Having started at sixth and seventh place last month, the two newcomer towns have rocketed to third and fourth place on their second attempt.  They have pushed Fraserburgh, Peterhead and Inverurie (all in the scheme since it started in 2003) into fifth, sixth and seventh places respectively.

Regular top performers, Ellon and Banchory have held onto first and second places with 3.18 kg (7.01 lbs) and 3.14 kg (6.92 lbs), but Laurencekirk is catching up fast with 3.01 kg (6.64 lbs) of paper per household.  Just slightly further behind is Inverbervie with 2.52 kg (5.56 lbs) per household.

Although the overall tonnages collected are slightly down on last month at 72.85 tonnes compared with 75.55 tonnes, tonnages within the seventies have been the norm for many collections.  The largest peak in collections happened in January/February 2004 when over 124 tonnes was collected in one month. 

Councillor Alison McInnes, chair of Aberdeenshire Council's infrastructure services committee, commented: "As expected from their initial performance, Inverbervie and Laurencekirk residents have responded well to this scheme and considerably increased their recycling rates.  It will be interesting to see if these two small communities can manage to take first and second place next time or in the near future.

"We have been expanding and promoting 'bring to' recycling facilities quite vigorously over the past year, so a result of this could be that people may have less material left for specialist kerbside recycling schemes such as this.  Consequently, we may not necessarily see some of the astounding peaks that we saw in this scheme last year and the start of this year.  However, there does still seem to be a good steady collection rate each month, well above the targets we originally expected.

"Whether people use recycling centres and points or use kerbside schemes where they exist, the important thing is that they should carry on recycling all suitable materials rather than just throwing them out as rubbish.  Starting in 2005, we will be rolling out a general kerbside collection of recyclable materials throughout Aberdeenshire.  Along with the enhanced 'bring to' facilities, this leaves little or no excuse for failing to recycle."

The next paper kerbside collection is on Saturday 25 September for Peterhead, Inverurie and Banchory and the last Saturday of each month thereafter.  Fraserburgh, Ellon, Inverbervie and Laurencekirk's next collection is Saturday October 2 and the first Saturday of each following month.  For further information, residents should consult their Waste Aware Grampian guide, visit www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/waste or call the Wasteline on
0845 600 3 900.





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