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New Recycling Scheme starts with 59% of Households doing their bit

A recycling scheme launched in Portlethen and Stonehaven was supported by around 59% of households in its first full month of August, say Aberdeenshire Council waste management staff.

The new scheme offers approximately 8,000 households the chance to recycle a wide range of materials at their kerbside rather than going to a recycling point. The kerbside recycling collection was introduced to the two towns as a pilot for a similar service to be rolled out to most Aberdeenshire households from 2005.

The pilot scheme consists of a fortnightly collection of food and drink cans, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles and most types of paper. A recycling bag for paper and a recycling box for the other materials was delivered, in June, to each of the homes covered by the collection.

Included with these recycling boxes and bags was an insert for the recently distributed Waste Aware Grampian guide to waste reduction, reuse and recycling. This insert provided collection dates relevant to each house as well as information on how to use the service.

August Figures
Augusts's figures for materials collected at the kerbside and sorted by weight and type totalled 75.35 tonnes at the time of writing.

Product Tonnage

  • Paper 48.36 tonnes
  • Plastic bottles  5.34 tonnes
  • Cans 3.18 tonnes
  • Clear glass 7.61 tonnes
  • Green glass 10.86 tonnes
  • Approximately 7 tonnes of brown glass and cans was still awaiting processing, but was estimated at roughly:
    • 1 tonne for cans
    • 6 tonnes for glass
  • Expected final August total over 82 tonnes

Councillor Alison McInnes, chair of Aberdeenshire Council's infrastructure services committee, commented: "This is a very encouraging start to the scheme with around 59% of households doing their bit on the first full month of collection. As people become more accustomed to the service and remember the collection days, we expect to see both the participation rate and the tonnages collected for recycling increase.

"I would encourage the 41% of households who did not take advantage of the new service first time around to consider the environmental impact of just throwing things away, and to use this very convenient recycling service instead.

"All of the materials we specify as suitable for this collection are recycled. This not only reduces the amount of material going to landfill sites, but it also reduces the environmental impact and energy demands of constantly replacing waste items with virgin materials. Recycling makes much more sense and is the responsible thing to do."

For collection dates and other information on the scheme, householders in Portlethen and Stonehaven should see the Waste Aware Grampian Guide insert provided with their kerbside recycling boxes and bags. Alternatively, they can call Aberdeenshire Council's Wasteline on 0845 600 3 900 (local rate).

Kerbside recycling figures will also be made available on the Waste Section of the Aberdeenshire website as the scheme progresses.

For more information
Kerbside paper recycling scheme and recycling facilities throughout Aberdeenshire -
Website: www.aberdeenshire.gov.uk/waste
Email: recycling@aberdeenshire.gov.uk
Telephone Wasteline: 0845 600 3 900




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