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Portlethen and Stonehaven Kerbside Collection Pilot.

As part of the Waste Aware Aberdeenshire Campaign, Portlethen and Stonehaven have been chosen as the pilot area for a new kerbside collection scheme during the summer of 2004.

Around 8000 households in the area will be provided with a sorting box and a large bag to separate cans, glass, plastic bottles and paper. By sorting these items from your waste, Aberdeenshire Council can then send the materials for recycling and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

Different types of boxes will be tested as well as collection vehicles. The boxes and bags will be delivered to households in mid-June, with a leaflet explaining how you can help with the pilot. The collections will begin in Portlethen on Monday 5 July, and later in the week in Stonehaven. Once the scheme is running the collection will take place every fortnight thereafter.

Residents are also reminded that they can continue to use the Recycling Points in Portlethen and Stonehaven too. In Portlethen these are situated at Asda car park and The Paddock car park. The Stonehaven sites are at the leisure centre and The Backies car park.

The Waste Aware Team will be in Portlethen and Stonehaven at various locations through June with a leaflet drop, the road-show caravan and displays throughout the area. If you would like to find out more then information will soon be available on the Aberdeenshire Council Website or you can contact:

The Waste Team
Unit 7/8
Harlaw Industrial Estate
AB51 4SG


Wasteline: 0845 600 3 900
email: recycling@aberdeenshire.gov.uk







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If you have any queries, please email us, or call 0845 600 5 333

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