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Waste Aware Grampian Reduce Reuse Recycle Guide to help you to get it sorted

The new Waste Aware Grampian guide provides information to help householders in the Grampian area to Reduce Reuse and Recycle and to make full use of the facilities that are already available to them. A national survey of more than 5000 Scots has shown that most people are keen to recycle, however almost half of those interviewed in Grampian said they didn’t know where their recycling facilities were. The guide contains local hints and tips to help residents Reduce and Reuse their waste along with detailed information of recycling facilities in each council area.

The guide, which was created in partnership by Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray Councils, will be sent out to every household in the Grampian area. Aberdeenshire residents have already started to receive the guide, all other residents can expect to receive their local edition of the guide by early July.

Waste Aware Grampian Reduce Reuse Recycle Guide

The guide is designed to be a robust source of reference, to be used over a long period of time. The plastic folder protects the guide from being damaged over time and the ring binder allows information to be easily updated with inserts when new facilities become available.

The binders are made from a minimum of 70% recycled plastic and 100% recycled board. The paper inserts are made from a minimum of 75% post consumer waste and is totally chlorine free. When the original inserts are updated with new ones, the old inserts can be recycled at one of the 230 recycling centres and points across Grampian.

For more information please call Waste Aware Grampian on 0845 600 5 333.




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If you have any queries, please email us, or call 0845 600 5 333

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