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Home composting

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Home composting

Food and garden waste amounts to about 20% of the average household’s waste. This waste takes up space in landfill sites and produces methane, an explosive gas that can also contribute to global warming. Composting stops some of this waste from going to landfill. It breaks down organic materials into basic nutrients. These nutrients can be used to improve soil quality and help your plants to flourish. This saves you money and reduces the need for expensive chemical fertilisers that are harmful to the environment.

Master Composter is a community led scheme operating in the North East of Scotland. Run jointly by RAGS and Aberdeen Forward, the scheme aims to take home composting to a new level. This will be achieved through an increase in support and information provision for those interested in home composting. You can contact your local Master Composter Project Officer for composting advice or to buy a subsidised 320 litre composter for £10. Subsidised Green Cone digesters are also available for both cooked and uncooked food waste.

Contact: Johannah Long, Tel: 01224 213953, Email: mcsouth@tiscali.co.uk.

To find out how to start home composting please click here.

For home composting advice, please click here.


Repair instead of buying new

Another way in which you can reduce your waste is by repairing items instead of replacing them.

Clothes can be repaired and altered:

Golden Stitches, 29 John Street, Aberdeen, AB11 6JJ,
Tel: 01224 648890

Melford Tailoring, 16 Bridge Street, Aberdeen, AB25 1BT,
Tel: 01224 6488990

Furniture can be restored and repaired:

Aberdeen Restorations deals with French polishing, antique restoration, furniture repairs, wax, wood ageing and hand paint stripping.

Contact: Aberdeen Restorations, Unit 20, Frederick Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5HY, Tel: 01224 626850

Furniture Medic can provide onsite repair dealing with fabric damage, polishing, spring and frame repairs, pet damage and UPVC double glazing repairs.

Contact: Furniture Medic Aberdeen, 4 Kemnay Place, Aberdeen, AB15 8SG, Tel: 01224 315190

For more ways to reduce your waste please click here. If you know of any additional ways to reduce your waste please contact us: info@wascot.org.uk









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