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Forth Valley: Area Waste Plan

As part of the National Waste Strategy: Scotland, each Waste Strategy Area has gone through a process which has resulted in the formulation of an Area Waste Plan.

This Area Waste Plan is the way in which the Waste Strategy Area plan to deal with its waste in order to meet the targets set out in the EC Landfill Directive and to develop more sustainable methods of waste management.

Following is a short summary of the process that was undergone in Forth Valley:

2002: Forth Valley: The Draft Plan

The Forth Valley area has produced its draft Area Waste Plan, which is available at www.sepa.org.uk/nws/areas. The draft plan was formulated by the Area Waste Group (AWG) after consultation with other parties who have roles to play in the management of the area's waste.

8 different waste management options were examined. Each was looked at to see how it affected the environment and society and whether it was practical and economical and fitted in with policies such as the Landfill Directive.

It was decided that the best option overall would be to concentrate initially on recycling and composting. The Forth Valley Councils (Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannamshire) plan to work together so that there is regional harmony. They aim to be recycling or composting 25% of all household waste by 2006, and 30% by 2010.

The Forth Valley AWG plans to promote waste minimisation to the householders of this area.
Recycling and composting are going to be promoted. The three Councils - Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire propose to explore the best ways in which to collect:

  • Newspapers, magazines and junk-mail
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Textiles including clothes and shoes
  • Steel and aluminium cans
  • Plastic bottles
  • Garden waste.

The targets set out above cannot be achieved without your help. Everyone can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle to protect the future of the Forth Valley. To find out how, click here. It's easy!

The AWG rejected the idea of incineration and intend to look into new technologies such as gasification and pyrolysis to recover energy from the waste that does not get recycled.

Landfills, although the least desirable option in the waste hierarchy, will be necessary until adequate recycling / recovery systems are put in place. However, standards governing the design and operation of landfills will be raised in accordance with the Landfill Directive, so that they are cleaner and safer for the environment. The draft plan stresses that landfills are not the best solution for the Forth Valley Area.

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2003: The Area Waste Plan

This March, the Forth Valley Area Waste Plan was published.

Here are some of the things the plan aims to achieve:

  • by 2008, 98%v of the households in this area willl have their recyclates collected separately;
  • the recycling centres will be improved;
  • the network of composting plants will be expanded;
  • in 2005, a Materials Reclamation Facility will be built, where recyclates will be taken to be sorted and baled.

If you would like to read the plan, please click here to download it from SEPA's website.

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